flexible jobs for college students

College is said to be the best four years of your life — if you can afford the fun. While some students have the additional income to spend nights out with friends or fill their fridge with leftover take out, others may struggle to afford fun experiences from a lack of income.

The college years for the average college student are filled with adventures with new friends, late-night study dates, and long lecture-style classes. But for students, getting a job isn’t always the easiest with a busy schedule. Thankfully, we’ve compiled a list of flexible jobs for college students along with seasonal options perfect for even the busiest of schedules.

Flexible Jobs for College Students

Flexibility is a must-have feature of short-term jobs for college students. Students may need to juggle classes and work while still maintaining a healthy social life. Gig work or one-off jobs can be some of the most flexible jobs for students because they don’t have a set schedule. 

We’ll dive into these first few jobs to see why they’re such great options for busy students with full schedules to earn extra income.

Gig Work on Qwick

Qwick is a gig work option for students that offers freedom and flexibility. Qwick connects Professionals with shifts in the food and beverage industry (think restaurants, hotels, etc). By signing up for Qwick, you can try your hand at serving, dishwashing, or even crafting specialty drinks as a barista.

Once you’ve signed up and gone through Orientation, you can easily accept shifts that work with your unique schedule. Qwick’s user-friendly mobile app makes it simple to find open shifts right at your fingertips! Not to mention, the instant payment method is a definite plus for students needing cash quickly.

Gig Work on Rover

Your four-legged friend may not be welcome in the dormitory, but you can get some quality pet time with this option. Rover is a gig work app geared towards animal care. The dog walking or pet sitting gigs on Rover are great flexible jobs for college students. 

With Rover, you set your own schedule and can set pet preferences that work for you. This is a great option for animal-loving students who are in need of some spending money.

Gig Work on Fiverr

Have a marketable skill? Grow your portfolio freelancing. Freelancing through Fiverr is ideal for students who would rather not leave their dorm room for work. Fiverr is a platform that hosts millions of freelancers in over 500 specialized areas. Are you skilled in graphic design? Or maybe you are a talented writer wanting to break into the freelancing industry. Post your services on Fiverr and receive work right from the comfort of your dorm room!

On Fiverr, you set the prices of your freelance services and can accept the gigs that interest you. Create your own schedule and grow your skills with the click of a button. 


Care.com offers plenty of flexible jobs for students in multiple areas such as childcare, senior care, special needs assistance, pet care, housekeeping, and school support. If you love babysitting and playing games with kiddos, Care.com may be a good option for you!

On Care.com, you can connect with parents seeking babysitting, tutoring, pet sitting, and house sitting services and find a schedule that works with your lifestyle.

As you can see, there are plenty of gig work options available as short-term jobs for college students! Seasonal jobs for college students are also readily available for those on summer break or hoping to earn some extra cash over the holidays. Read on to learn about seasonal job ideas for students.

Seasonal Jobs for College Students

Seasonal jobs are often ideal for students during their summer break. With more free time on your hands, getting a job might be more feasible than during the school year. Check out these seasonal jobs that will line your pockets with cash!


If you’d like to spend every day basking in the sun by the pool, lifeguarding may be for you! Lifeguarding is usually a relatively easy job to do once you are certified. Sitting poolside making sure guests are following pool rules doesn’t sound so bad, right?

Being a lifeguard is a wonderful summer job for those who love splashing in the water. Just be sure to stock up on sunscreen!

Part-Time Retail

Have a winning smile or convincing sales pitch? Working in retail is another awesome seasonal job for students. Your favorite store may be hiring temporary employees during the summer rush. Snag a spot as a sales associate or cashier at a retail store near you!

Working retail gives you the opportunity to interact with customers and make their day through friendly customer service. You may even have the luxury of enjoying an employee discount to upgrade your closet or add new decor to your dorm for the upcoming school year!

Camp Counselor

Calling all Eagle Scouts and outdoor adventurers — your skills and guidance are needed!

Being a camp counselor is one of the best seasonal jobs for college students because you will spend your days doing fun activities in nature. Horseback riding, waterskiing, and hiking are some of the activities you may lead as a camp counselor.

Spend your summer outside in the sunshine at camp with this seasonal job for college students.

Although there are more seasonal jobs, we hope these three gave you some inspiration!

Get Started With Qwick

If gig work sounds the most appealing, why not try Qwick? Qwick brings flexible jobs for college students right to your mobile device. Make your own schedule and grow your skills in the hospitality industry by trying new roles. Download the app today and start making money on nights and weekends!

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