Hospitality staffing on-demand: The saving grace of hospitality

Life is unpredictable. We all have come face to face with this fact at one point or another. While there can be beauty found in some surprises, there is nothing pretty about washing dishes in a shirt and tie because your washer decided not to show up that day. It’s time to meet hospitality staffing […]

How the Hospitality Gig Economy can Benefit the Hotel Industry

The gig economy is seeing explosive growth venturing far beyond ridesharing, and food delivery side hustles into the realm of hospitality. The gig economy has opened the door to a new type of on-demand workforce which is positively impacting the hospitality industry. So, the question is how can the industry embrace a hospitality gig economy? […]

Future of Work: Impact of the Gig Economy on the Hospitality Industry

Two servers taking shifts with Qwick

The ongoing rapid growth of the gig economy is changing the future of work and redefining the work-life experience. With smartphones as a constant companion, workers have the freedom to move seamlessly from gig to gig. Recent research from Intuit forecasts that by 2021 the gig economy will surge, resulting in 9.2 million Americans joining the gig […]