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Why is it so hard to find a job? It’s an unsolvable million-dollar question for seasoned Professionals and newbies alike.

It’s no secret that the job search process is beyond frustrating. Navigating a competitive job market comes with challenging obstacles and hiccups along the way. From mastering the art of resume writing to wowing the recruiter in an interview, the entire hiring experience is time-consuming and, quite frankly, overly complicated.

Fortunately, there are simple and “Qwick” solutions out there that make earning extra cash a bit less stressful when you can’t find a job. Read on to learn how you can use on-demand staffing platforms like Qwick to find flexible gig work.

Common Difficulties of Job Searching

If you thought you were alone in the job search, you aren’t. You are joined by millions of other hopeful individuals — no wonder the job search seems unending at times. What does this mean for you? There’s no need to feel discouraged. You have a community that can empathize with your struggle. Read about a few common job searching difficulties that you can overcome to find the next position.

Knowing Where to Start

Starting your job search can feel a little like staring down the mouth of a shark. It’s frightening and overwhelming, and knowing what to do can feel impossible. Do you dive headfirst into LinkedIn and hope to find an opening that matches your skills? Are you sure what kind of position you’re looking for?

Knowing where to start is the first step in finding a job. Do some research on the type of positions you may qualify for and go from there. Once you’ve conquered the first hurdle of deciding on a job title, you may want to consider sifting through organized industry-specific job boards or detailed professional development websites to make the search more manageable.

Time Management

You may be thinking, “How much time can finding a job really take?” Let’s just say, applying for a new position is a much more time-consuming activity than you may realize.

Between filling out all the requirements on an application and working your way through an extensive interview process, it can feel like a full-time job. Even more, it can feel like the weeks are blurring together. And you wouldn’t be wrong.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median unemployment duration in May 2021 was about 19 weeks. That’s just over four months of searching, but don’t fret. Keep in mind that this statistic includes all unemployed people, not just the individuals actively searching for a job.

Ultimately, the time it takes to land a job depends on the economic and industry conditions. With so much uncertainty, you may need to find a faster way to make money in the interim.

Applicant Tracking Systems

A sought-after position may receive tens, if not hundreds, of applications. Imagine reading hundreds of resumes for one position. If your first instinct was to cringe, take a moment to think about hiring managers on the opposite end of this resume deluge. Hiring managers need a little help too.

Over 450 Fortune 500 companies have turned to the use of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) for hiring purposes. While ATSs are an excellent way to streamline the recruiting process for companies, they may add an extra hurdle for Professionals to jump. Since these systems are programmed to meet the specific needs of the open position, it’s much easier to have your resume rejected if it is not tailored to the listed requirements.

Many sources have offered potential solutions for how to beat ATSs for Professionals who can’t find a job, but having to customize your resume and cover letter to fit this modern technology is another laborious and sometimes uncontrollable drawback to the recruitment process.


Before you clean out your contact list, take a moment to consider the following: According to LinkedIn, the number one way to find a new position lately is through the referral of a current employee. Networking is a key component to entering the workforce when you can’t find a job, but it can also be a barrier for many Professionals.

Gig work is a quick and easy way to expand your network while adding a little extra cash to your wallet. You never know who you might meet as you’re catering that massive wedding in the neighboring town or rubbing shoulders with an up-and-coming chef while you cook as a side hustle. So before submitting your unemployment application, learn how you can earn cash with Qwick.

Earn Extra Cash Quickly

Let’s face it, with a race to invent convenient dining options — hello, ghost kitchens — the hospitality and event industry is ever-changing. So, how exactly do you start finding work in this field? You can download one of the many gig economy apps on the market. Or you can get Qwick! Let’s discuss some of the major benefits of using Qwick.

The Benefits of Qwick

As an on-demand staffing platform, our Professionals are at the heart and soul of everything we do. That’s why we’ve created a platform to connect you with hospitality and event industry shifts as seamlessly as possible.

Flexibility & Freedom

Who doesn’t love the idea of setting their own schedule? Qwick offers the freedom and flexibility to work wherever and whenever you’d like. You won’t have to worry about requesting time off to enjoy a vacation or spending holidays in the office. Earn what you need by accepting only the offers that work with your availability.

Professionals in Phoenix, Chicago, San Diego, Miami, Dallas, Houston, New York City, Atlanta, and Chicago have the opportunity to explore their cities with a variety of gig work options.

Simplified Process

We understand that having to scan through countless websites and pages of listings to land a job is exhausting, so we’ve brought the shifts to you. Once you’ve created your profile, Qwick matches your skills and interests to nearby shifts and sends you a text alert when they’re available. Gain back the hours you’d normally spend searching for your next position.

Instant Payment Anytime, Anywhere

Weekly and bi-weekly payment schedules are a thing of the past with Qwick’s convenient instant payment method. Once you’ve finished a shift, you can expect payment within as little as 30 minutes, so you never have to play the waiting game for your next payment.

Long-Term Gig Work

A little side hustle never hurt anybody. Supplement your full-time job with a few gig opportunities here and there to earn extra spending money. Since you control your own schedule, you can accept shifts after your full-time job or on weekends. Not sure a full-time job is for you? Accept multiple shifts to fill your day with back-to-back work that substitutes for your typical 9-5.

How To Use the App

Since mobile-friendly technology has become the name of the game, we’ve created an easy-to-use app that walks you through the entire process.

Whether you’re a smartphone aficionado or you’ve just learned how to send a text, using the Qwick app is as easy as 1-2-3. With four simple steps to signing up and finding your first gig, you’ll be on your way to fast cash in no time!

  1. Sign Up. Hitting “Download” has never felt more freeing! Sign up and start your profile by letting us know your previous experience and interests.
  2. Choose an Orientation Time. Since the Qwick experience is customized to fit your needs, we offer the freedom to choose the best time and day for Orientation. Orientation is mandatory for Qwick to learn about your experience, find the right shifts for you, and for you to ask any questions you may have.
  3. Finish Your Profile. Before you begin selecting shifts, you’ll need to finish your profile and let us know your availability so we can send the right shifts your way. Don’t forget to add your bank account or credit card information to receive instant payment!
  4. Start Working! We’ll notify you when a shift that matches your skill set is open. You have the freedom to accept or decline the offer depending on your schedule.

Start Your Next Shift with Qwick

Can’t find a job? Qwick has got you covered with a plethora of open shifts in the event and hospitality industry! Cut the job search frustration with our flexible on-demand staffing service. Our mobile app is available through the Apple App Store and Google Play store. Connect with other Professionals, expand your network, and start earning extra cash today!

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