Earlier this month we had the chance to take our company to Flagstaff for our first ever company retreat, affectionately coined Qwick Camp.

Being that we are a startup that has gone from idea to 30 employees in a year, we wanted to take this time to reflect on the massive progress we’ve made, appreciate where we came from, and think huge for where we’re going. Tucked away in the woods with computers away, we left with a plethora of valuable lessons, but we’ve boiled them down to 5 for you.


1. Playing the game “Zombie Mafia” is great for team building

We spent the first evening of the retreat in the trees, sharing a large dinner and a few surprises. We celebrated birthdays, presented our first “QwickStar” award to a peer-nominated team member, surprised everyone with presents, and enjoyed the Flagstaff weather.

After dinner and birthday cake, we moved our chairs around into a large circle and were introduced to the game formally known as Mafia, which took on a zombie storyline thanks to our co-founder and COO Blaine. With plot twists involving zombie killings, scientific accidents, police investigations, and deceit, our team laughed their way through each round voting out who they thought was guilty. The game wasn’t part of our original planning, but when we sent out a satisfaction survey, it was one of the common answers when asked their favorite part of the retreat.

2. The future is really exciting

And I mean, REALLY exciting.

In addition to our co-founder and CEO presenting our plans for growth in the next quarter, year, and beyond, we also had the chance to propose our own ideas for how we can continue to grow as a company. Every decision and move that is made towards improving at Qwick involves the team, making it all the more exciting to be part of this growth.

3. Being human is a strength

Since the very beginning, we’ve worked in-person with our Professionals and Business Partners. We’re the ones texting back when there are questions and we’re the ones vetting Professionals to make sure everyone on the platform is qualified. This personal communication goes a long way with people, and is something that really sets us apart (and we’re really, really proud of that).

4. Don’t make bets against Qwick

Before our retreat, our Co-Founder and COO Blaine had taken a bet that we wouldn’t beat the previous month’s numbers, and offered to get a mohawk if we did in fact beat those numbers.

Our sheer desire to see our COO rock a mohawk was reason enough to haul towards beating those numbers, and the hard work paid off at the retreat. As a surprise for the entire company, we brought in a hairdresser (unbeknownst to Blaine) to shave a mohawk in front of the whole team. Hilarity (and nonstop photography) ensued.

5. We are a family

We realized almost immediately into Qwick Camp that what might have been positioned as a retreat really felt like a family reunion (including the matching tshirts). From group hikes to dinner under the stars, energized conversations about the future to looking at the telescope at Lowell Observatory that discovered Pluto. Team members caught up on life, learned about our personal goals and drivers, and ultimately bonded in a way that you really can’t do behind a computer screen.


Qwick Company Retreat Hike

At the end of the day, having an aligned and empowered team is what allows us to keep creating exception experiences for our Partners and Professionals. We’re proud of the authentic and driven team members that show up each day wanting to make Qwick all that it can be!